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The whole business started after World War II. The hygienic condition of the territory was very poor and pulmonary tuberculosis was prevalent. A number of students were affected. Chest X-ray examination and nutritional advice were offered to the students as preventive measure.
In 1948, a part-time Student Health Service was set up, with just 2 rooms, 0.5 doctor and 0.5 nurse. This was expanded to a formal University Health Service on 1st January, 1956.
1949 - 1953
Medical Research Building
(Digby School of Surgery)
(Photo unavailable)
1953 - 1957
Lugard Wing of Old Halls, the Lugard Hall
Annex (right at the Yuet Ming Fountain)
1957 - 1969
East Gate Lodge
(in front of the present Hung Hing Ying Building)
1969 - 1973
West Gate Lodge
(below the staircase of the present Haking Wong
Building, just next to the bus stop)
1973 - 1995
Pao Siu Loong Health Centre
1995 - present
Meng Wah Complex
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