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How to Make an Appointment:
Call 2859 2511 or 2859 2512 or
Come in person to the clinic at 3/F Meng Wah Complex, HKU during office hours or
Send an email to or fax to 2546 3835 with your name, university number and contact number, our receptionists will contact you directly.
You can make online web booking through HKU Portal for
a) Dental Examination
b) Dental Examination and Hygienist Appointments (paired appointments)
  HKU portal -> Campus Information Services -> Service Departments -> University Health Service -> UHS Web Appointment Booking -> Dental Services -> 1) Dental Examination or -> 2) Dental Examination + Hygienist Appointment
* You are responsible for verifying your appointment details (time and date) through the HKU Portal and keep your appointment accordingly. If you have any enquires on the booked schedule, please contact our staff within one working day of your booking. We would consider HKU Portal record as final. Services such as e-mail reminder are NOT guaranteed and should NOT be used as a reference.
How to Cancel an Appointment:
Please call 2859 2511 or 2859 2512, fax 2546 3835 or send email to for any change of appointment.
You can check the details of your dental appointment through HKU Portal. For cancellation of appointment through internet (dental examination and hygienist appointment only), it must be made one full working day beforehand through HKU portal:
  HKU Portal -> Campus Information Services -> Service Departments -> University Health Service -> UHS Web Appointment Booking -> Dental Services -> 4) View / remove Dental / Hygienist Appointments
Points to note
If you are late for your dental appointment, the Dental Unit reserves the right to shorten or cancel your treatment session.
A 'Penalty Charge' of HKD$50 will apply in the failed appointment as follows:
a) Rescheduling or cancellation of appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time (base on office hour)
b) Being late for more than 20 minutes resulting in cancellation of your appointment
* If you failed a dentist and a hygienist appointment on the same day, a double penalty charge $100 will be applied.
For staff and their dependents, any outstanding charges (including penalty charge) will be deducted automatically from your salary through Finance Office.
If you have any outstanding charges, the Dental Unit has the right to suspend your service until charges settled.
The UHS only provides services for eligible staff and their dependents, as well as students. If a user becomes not eligible for UHS services (e.g. completion of employment contract or studies), the user and his/her dependents will not be able to receive UHS services even if an appointment was booked previously. Any booked appointment will be cancelled without prior notice. All users who wish to use UHS service are advised to ensure that they are eligible before coming to the UHS. Students could check with their Faculty or Department concerning their eligibility. Staff members are advised to check with the Human Resource Section for their eligibility.
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