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2/F, Meng Wah Complex (see map)
How to Make an Appointments
Appointments can only be made with referrals from UHS physicians
To make an appointment, please call 3917 2509 or come in person at physiotherapy unit during office hour
How to Cancel an Appointment
Please call 3917 2509
You can check the details of your physio appointment through HKU Portal. For cancellation of appointment, it must be made one full working day prior to the booked appointment.
Points to note:
If you are late for your physio appointment, the Physio Unit reserves the right to shorten or cancel your treatment session.
A 'Default Appointment Charge' of HKD$120 per session will apply in the failed appointment as follows:
a) Rescheduling or cancellation of appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time (base on office hour).
b) Being late for more than 20 minutes resulting in cancellation of your appointment.
You are responsible for verifying your appointment details (time and date) through the HKU Portal and keep your appointment accordingly. If you have any enquiries on the booked schedule, please contact our staff or check at your HKU Portal. Services such as email reminder are NOT guaranteed and should NOT be used as a reference.
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