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Your entitled Medical Benefit is available in your 'Personnel File' in Portal (For Demo, please click here.)
The followings are part of the extract from HKU Staff Manual - Medical Benefits. For details, please refer to  HKU Staff Manual.
Primary Care
Out-patient care at the University Health Service shall include:
  • medical examination and advice;
  • treatment including pharmaceuticals and dressings;
  • routine laboratory investigations;
  • radiodiagnosis;
  • physiotherapy;
  • preventive measures (e.g. immunisations);
  • health education;
  • dental care.
  • Such out-patient care shall mostly be provided free of charge, except that a fee will be charged for physiotherapy, dental care, external appliances, preventive, elective or expensive items/procedures.
    Note: Out-patient care may also be provided by a panel of doctors to operate in parallel with the University Health Service for the eligible staff, and their eligible dependants who have difficulty travelling back to the University for medical consultation when they are sick. Such out-patient care shall include consultation and short-term medications. Eligible members may have to contribute part of the cost of such service.
    Secondary and Tertiary Care
    Appointees and their dependants may receive:
  • Specialist consultations, investigations, treatment in either Hospital Authority (HA) or private specialist clinics.
  • in-patient care in either HA or a private hospital.
  • Provision of both in-patient and out-patient care is subject to the condition that authorisation and arrangements are made by the Director of the University Health Service. Preventive, elective, expensive items and medication outside the University Health Service formulary will normally not be covered. Staff are advised to attend the emergency department of HA hospital for out of hour emergencies.
    Levels of eligibility for hospital accommodation and medical care, please check your entitled Medical Benefit in your 'Personnel File' in Portal (For Demo, please click here). For details, please refer to  HKU Staff Manual.
    Eligibility for benefits under the University Staff Medical Benefits Scheme shall cease when a person no longer qualifies under the criteria as set out in the Staff Manual. Appointees are reminded to check their medical benefit entitlement from time to time in your ˇ§Personnel Fileˇ¨ in HKU Portal.
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