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Outside Panel Doctors
1. The University provides an Outside Panel Doctors Scheme (the "Scheme") to all full-time appointees on fixed-term contracts, probationary/ substantive/tenure terms of appointment and full-time appointees on temporary contracts who have been continuously employed for one year or more. At the subsidy of the University, the Scheme offers an additional primary care service complementary to that of the University Health Service (UHS).
Eligibility and Coverage
2. The following three outside panel doctors are appointed to provide general medical consultation to University appointees:
 (a)UMP Professional Management Ltd. (UMP);
 (b)Healthcare Medical & Paramedical Services Operations (HK) Ltd. (HC); and
 (c)Quality HealthCare Medical Services Ltd. (QHMS).
3. The Scheme is open to all full-time appointees on fixed-term contracts, probationary/substantive/tenure terms of appointment and full-time appointees on temporary contracts who have been continously employed for one year or more, and their eligible dependants. Temporary appointees with less than one year's continuous service and part-time appointees are not included in this Scheme. They are, however, eligible for primary care service provided by the UHS.
Administrative Arrangements
4. Appointees who would like to use this Scheme should make a medical appointment directly with the Clinics under paragraph 2 above. Appointees should present their HKU Staff Card for identification whereas their eligible dependants should quote the apointee's staff number and produce valid identification document, e.g. HKID card. Users of this Scheme are required to pay a fixed fee (please refer to the table below), directly to the clinics, for each medical consultation (which includes 3 days basic medications). All other charges such as laboratory investigations, x-rays or additional drugs are to be borne by users.
 The fee payable by users for each consultation:
Outside Panel DoctorsFixed fee paid by user
Clinics under Healthcare Medical and Paramedical Service Operations (HK) Ltd.$50
Clinics under UMP Professional Management Ltd.$55
Clinics under Quality Health Care Medical Services Ltd.$60
5. The list of doctors of UMP, HC and QHMS can be viewed at the UHS website: The enquiry hotline and website of the panel are listed below:
Outside Panel DoctorsEnquiry HotlineWebsiteList
UMP Professional Management Ltd.2824 0231
8208 9208 (emergency) Panel Doctors List
Healthcare Medical and Paramedical Service Operations (HK) Ltd.3161 3333
(username=hku, password=hku)
Healthcare Panel Doctors list
Quality Health Care Medical Services Ltd.8301 8301
(24 hours hotline)
http://www.qhms.comQHMS Panel Doctors list
 Users are advised to check with the providers for the updated doctors list prior to making the consultation appointment.
6. The outside panel does not cover Discovery Bay. Eligible staff and dependants residing in Discovery Bay will be reimbursed up to $100 for each medical consultation made at the registered medical clinics in Discovery Bay. The reimbursement form can be downloaded at
Specialist Consultations and Referrals
7. The outside panel doctors will not provide specialist consultation to University appointees. They may refer users directly to the appropriate public specialist clinics of the Government, or the Hospital Authority (HA) by providing a referral letter. Appointees who are eligible for private specialist consultation will be referred back to the UHS with a letter stating the reason for referral.
8. All users can be referred to the accident and emergency department of the HA hospitals.
Accident and Emergency Departments
9. The University will reimburse $180 per visit to the Accident and Emergency Departments in any HA hospitals for all eligible users. Users should make the full payment to the HA first and apply for reimbursement of the $180 by submitting the receipt to the UHS within 3 months of the visit.
10. Enquires on the Outside Panel Doctors Scheme should be addressed to the University Health Service (tel: 3917 2501).
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