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Frequently Asked Questions
The hospitalisation has to be approved by the Director of the University Health Service (UHS) before the claim will be processed by the insurance company. How can I obtain such approval?
 Eligible staff with a medical problem should consult a doctor in the UHS. If there is medical necessity, the doctor will refer the staff to consult a specialist in the UHS panel and the specialist may admit the staff into the hospital if required. Hospitalisation through this referral channel will normally be approved.
What if I have a medical emergency in the non-office hour of UHS and prior approval by the Director of UHS is impossible in this case?
 In such case, one should notify the Director of UHS by writing stating the symptoms and the reason for hospitalisation together with the doctor's certificate as soon as possible (preferably the next day). Genuine emergency hospitalisations will also be approved under the Staff Medical Benefits Scheme and the Top-Up Medical Insurance Plan.
Will hospitalisations through specialists outside the UHS specialist panel be approved?
 It will not be approved normally except in emergency situations stated above.

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