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We provide physiotherapy services to eligible members on referral from UHS physicians (please consult Medical Benefits for staff and students).
Treatment modalities
Electrotherapeutic Treatment by various machines
Manual therapy: mobilization and manipulation by the physiotherapist
Exercise teaching: includes stretching exercise, strengthening exercise, posture corrective exercise and education to avoid injury
Educational Seminars on Back and Neck Care, Manual Lifting and Sports injury
On referral from UHS physicians. Please call 3917 2509.
When an appointment is made successfully, a time will be allocated to you. This is the registration time at which you should report to the physiotherapy reception. Please note that the medical condition of each patient is different, and physiotherapists may need to spend time with certain patients longer. It may take some time before you can see your physiotherapist. Please wait patiently in the waiting area. If you need urgent help, you are advised to approach our staff.
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