Eligibility (For Student)

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For students, there are many levels of medical benefits. Some students may not be eligible for UHS services.
The eligibility of students is not known before registration. Once they have completed their registration at the
University, students will receive a university card with a number. The level of medical benefit will be known by then.

All entitled students who paid composition fees are eligible. The University does not provide medical benefits for
students’ families and dependants.

Primary Health Care on Campus
The University provides comprehensive primary health care to entitled students through a clinic on the main campus.
Medical consultations are generally free of charge. Certain medications, preventive services and other items are
charged at cost. A notional charge is also levied for dental treatment and physiotherapy treatment at the University clinic.

Services include:

  • Primary medical care at the University Health Service

  • Specialist care and hospital care at the public specialist clinic or public ward of government hospitals by referral (for full-time students only and excluding any maternity care)

  • Preventive measures including Travel Health Service, Wellness Check-up, Well Woman Check-up and immunisations at a charge

  • Physiotherapy on the referral of UHS physicians at a charge

  • Assistance to students with disability

  • Health education in the form of individual advice, classes, workshops, exhibitions, website, posters and pamphlets

  • Dental service at a competitive charge

  • Medical aids, equipment and appliances may be provided at a charge

Non-local Students
When specialist care and hospitalisation are required, students can consider using these services provided at public clinics and general wards of government hospitals. The charge for those holding a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID card) is subsidised. Non-local students without an HKID card are required to pay full fees for services and hospitalisation in government hospitals. Please note that many insurance policies are strictly on a reimbursement basis.

International students, even with insurance coverage, may have to settle the medical bill first before they can claim reimbursement. It is important that students check carefully with their insurance company on the extent of coverage, and the claim procedures, and set aside a sum of money of contingencies. Students who are going to spend more than 180 days in Hong Kong may be eligible to apply for an HKID card. As it takes time to obtain the HKID card, they are strongly advised to get their own medical insurance to cover their first month of stay. Visiting students staying at the University for less than 6 months are strongly recommended to purchase private medical and hospital insurance to cover the whole period of their stay in Hong Kong. 

For details of the fees charged by government hospitals, please refer to the link below:

www.ha.org.hk (Service Guides Fees and Charges)