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Dentists provide comprehensive dental care including:

Basic Treatment
  Oral examination

  Dental x-ray (radiographic examination)

  Restoration (Filling)

  Scaling and prophylaxis (Teeth cleaning)

  Simple tooth extraction

  Preventive care

  Emergency care

Non-basic Treatment

  Crown and Bridge


  Root canal treatment


  Periodontal treatment (treatment of advanced gum disease)

  Oral surgery

  Wisdom tooth extraction

  Mouthguard (for tooth grinding and sport)


Hygienists provide preventive care including:

  Scaling and prophylaxis (Teeth cleaning)

  Individualized oral hygiene instructions

  Topical fluoride treatment


  Please see Appointment -> Charges and Payment Options -> Dental Charges for details.


  When an appointment is made successfully, a time will be allocated to you. This is the registration time at which you should report to the Dental                     reception. Please note that the condition of each patient is different, and dentists / hygienist may need to spend time with certain patients longer. It may       take some time before you can see your dentists / hygienist. Please wait patiently in the waiting area. If you need urgent help, you are advised to                 approach our staff.