Reimbursement Limit (Reimbursement Policy for Visiting Private Specialists)

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Reimbursable Amount for Investigations

  • For investigations ordered by the specialist, costs of those tests will be reimbursed up to the University
    Health Service (UHS) cost price irrespective of where these investigations are performed. Costs of some
    new or expensive tests may not be reimbursable, or are at most reimbursed up to 50% of UHS cost price
    (e.g., PET scan). Investigations for routine screening purposes are not reimbursable. For details about the
    Maximum Reimbursable Charges, please refer to Staff Policies and Practices.

Reimbursable Amount for Drugs

  • Medications for preventive purposes and medications not listed under the Pharmacy Board of HKSAR
    Government, even if prescribed by the specialist, are non-reimbursable.

  • For reimbursable items prescribed by the specialist under the MBS:
    • Patients should collect the medications at the specialist’s clinic, or purchase the medications in a registered pharmacy (with a prescription written by the specialist), and submit the receipt with a reimbursement form.

    • If the actual cost of medications prescribed by the specialist is $200 or below per consultation, the University will reimburse 50% of the actual medication

    • If the actual cost of medications prescribed by the Specialist exceeds $200 per consultation, the University will reimburse at 50% of UHS “cost price”.

  • Extra Costs
    • Subject to the conditions set out in the Medical Benefits Scheme of the University, the University shall reimburse the cost of specialist consultation up to the current level approved by the University Council. Patients will have to bear any extra costs incurred.