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Students who are eligible for primary, secondary and tertiary care provided by the University may be referred
by our physicians for specialist consultations, special procedures and/or hospitalisations outside the UHS.
Students are asked to pay the providers directly and apply for reimbursement afterwards.

What conditions are reimbursable?
Only procedures, consultations and hospitalisations referred by UHS physicians or authorised by the director
of UHS are reimbursable.

What conditions are NOT reimbursable?
Preventive procedures/items, elective procedures/items, expensive items, sundry items, medications outside
the UHS formulary and external appliances are not reimbursable.

What is the reimbursement procedure?

  • After attendance at the specialist consultation/special procedure and hospitalization referred by the UHS
    physician, pay the provider directly and ask for a receipt.
  • Fill in our  Reimbursement Application Form and send it together with the receipt to our reception counter
    or general office either by mail or in person.
  • Reimbursement will be paid direct to student’s bank account.


What if I had an emergency condition and was unable to consult UHS physicians for a referral?
You are advised to attend the Accident and Emergency Department of any public hospital. Consultation fee at the
Accident and Emergency Department is not reimbursable.